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Camponotus us-ca02 (COMING SOON)

Camponotus us-ca02 (COMING SOON)

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Camponotus us-ca02 is a very large species of carpenter ant endemic to southern California and northern Baja California. The reason it is called Camponotus us-ca02 is due to its undescribed nature. It is not well studied, to the extent it is not even given a real scientific name, and as such is called by a colloquial term for it, us-ca meaning it was first found in California and the 02 meaning it is the second undescribed species given the naming convention.

Camponotus us-ca02 is also exceptional due to its large size. Its queens are some of the largest in the US, only being beaten by the leafcutter ant Atta mexicana, at a staggering 21mm+ size. Its majors are even larger than Atta mexicana's, making them by some definitions the largest ant in the US. Their colors are also nothing terrible, making them a very well rounded species.

Despite being a carpenter ant species, they are not known for living in wood, so they should not be kept in a wood setup. Besides this, they are as easy as any other carpenter species. Simply supply them with some heat, water, sugar, and insects, and you will get a fairly nice growing species that is a real gem of California.

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